HomeworkMarket – For their arrogance and pride “Five ministers and government spokeswoman go to Brussels.

But not in Brazil »declaration filed in this case the president of the Brazilian Association of Agribusiness Marcello Brito. “Criminal organizations agrobiznesowi harm, undermining the reputation of the sector and increasing as a result of unfair competition law homeworkmarket sense of fragility” – adds Brito.W this year, the fire consumed the largest in the Amazon since 2010. Rainforest area, which alarmed the whole world. Protection of unspoiled Amazon rainforest, which absorbs a large part of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet, is essential in the process of climate change on earth. More than 60 per cent. the surface of these forests is located within Brazil. “He was the EU-Ukraine summit, which was not adopted a final declaration, but we have an agreement after the EU-Ukraine association, which determines our relationship and it is the only binding legal document” – told PAP interlocutor of the EU Delegation in Kiev. “No statement can, however, show that in the European Union is not possible to re-confirm what is in the association agreement. And this can not be confirmed due to the position of the Netherlands “- said requesting anonymity urzędnik.Według usually well-informed Internet newspaper” Truth Commission “Ukraine wanted the summit ended with a statement already contained in the text of the Association Agreement:” The European Union recognizes the European aspirations of Ukraine and welcomed its European choice, including its commitment to building a developed and stable democracy and market economy “.Gazeta reported that the EU has” the categorical + not + “to such recording. “The talks end with the EU only made matters worse: the Netherlands began to demand to be added to the text of the new restrictions + + the European dream of Ukraine. Haga won the support of several other countries, and negotiations on this issue have been broken. The EU Council at the level of ambassadors decided that the document prepared for the summit will be thrown in the trash “- wrote” Truth Commission “.Ukrainę at the top represents the President of Petro Poroshenko, the head of the European Commission towards the EU, Jean-Claude Juncker and European Council President Donald Tusk.” Ukraine clearly declared its European aspirations and the European choice. No one that we will not and nobody has the right to pick us “- said Poroshenko opening obrady.Prezydent noted that the Association Agreement is a directive the development of his country. “Our strategic task is to strengthen the success of Ukraine as a country with strong state institutions and a competitive economy integrated with the European economy” – mówił.Tusk stressed in his speech that although Ukraine is standing strong against external threats, it must solve the important internal problems. the main topics of the summit are: implementation of the Association agreement EU-Ukraine, Ukrainian reform, the conflict in Donbas and the implementation of the Minsk agreements on this issue, as well as cooperation in energy and transport. “We see clear today that the external enemy you can not beat; you are very strong. But you can experience an internal failure in the fight. That’s why you should by all means to protect the unity and avoid internal conflicts, “- said the head of the European Council. They also discuss the President’s statement Emmanuel Macron, who said that France is ready to exit the UK from the European Union without an agreement. French journalists criticize London; media over the Seine leave this task to the British, who in many reportage, broadcast on Friday, do not leave a dry thread on their policies. Reflecting on the further development of events, the London correspondent of the daily “Le Figaro” Florentin Collomp admits that “although (United Kingdom) experiencing many months of political chaos, opening a period now reaches far unexplored level of uncertainty” .See also: KE: Hard brexit is likely “According to the journalist,” the subsequent displacement brexitu can only be a long and justified by new circumstances. ” Lists among them, “the general election, referendum or change the model brexitu”. And stresses that such a delay “narzuciłoby part of the country (the UK) in the European elections.” In turn, the economic newspaper “Les Echos” declared Britain’s participation in the elections to the European Parliament as “very bizarre possibility.” The correspondent of “Le Figaro” noted that they went to London, “French Eurosceptics to find the source of inspiration for Frexitu”. Mentions among them Florian Philippot, a former “right hand” Marine Le Pen’s National Front in the former (now National Unification), and now the leader of a small group Patriots. “Emmanuel Macron, like most pro-European leaders, wants to use the chaos as British bogey to populists who accuse the hidden plans to abandon the euro and the output of the Union” – rated in a statement for the PAP Francis Brochet, commentator largest grouping of French regional daily newspapers EBRA. “But if you will look at it, that the pro-European politicians are trying to oppose the democratically expressed will of the British people, the chaos can turn against him. Likewise, it may happen if the chaos will become proof of the bad functioning of the EU – commented. – And these are reasons why (President Macron) would like to avoid the delay brexitu, shifts, which will prolong the confusion. ” In an interview with Radio France Info former EU Commissioner. Trade and former Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Pascal Lamy did not rule out that the Prime Minister Theresa May, Britain will be the fourth attempt and “cleaned out an agreement with the EU” on the Chamber brexitu municipalities. See also: Brexit not surprise Polish employers. They will not release the Britons from day to day »The retired politician explained that” Europe has always attracted Britain economically, but never politically. ” Macron presidential statement Friday that “France is the best prepared to deal + no +”, that is, the output of the UK from the EU without a contract, concluded Lama as a “statement a little too optimistic.” He added that “such words maintain political pressure” on the British. According to former EU Commissioner brexit “very hurt.” “Hurt them, but it hurts and us. Hurt economically and diplomatically,” because with the departure of London “Europe is losing 15 percent. Economic weight and 25 per cent. Of diplomatic, because Britain is a very serious actor on the international stage.” Warsaw Regional Court quashed the decision on Thursday evening, the President of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz on the ban on the organization of the March of Independence on November 11 in the center of the capital. “Freedom of assembly fully an important role in a democratic state of law (…) the right to assembly is protected by the Constitution,” – said in the grounds of the judgment the judge Michal Jakubowski. He added that the decision to ban “is possible after careful examination of the case and must contain a convincing justification.” A day earlier, the mayor of Warsaw banned the March of Independence on November 11 organized by the Association March of Independence co-created by, among others, All-Polish Youth, and ONR National Movement. The organizers filed a complaint against this decision. In connection with the decision of the President of the capital was a meeting of the President and the Prime Minister Andrzej Duda Matthew Morawiecki, during which it was established that will be organized “common white-red march”, which will state the nature of the ceremony, organized by rząd.zobacz also Trzaskowski: November 11 złożymy together – with Tusk and Schetyna – flowers at the monument of Jozef Pilsudski »Chairman of the association march of Independence in TOK FM radio when asked whether going on a march, which organizes the government, he replied:” I’m going on the march, the association that organizes the march of Independence, which is He called March of Independence “. Inquired whether the march will take place, Bąkiewicz confirmed and said that he will start on Sunday at. 14 Dmowski Roundabout in Warsaw. In response to this, at that time already this place will protect the march organized by the government, he replied: “Mr. President certainly welcome to our march.” Bąkiewicz was also asked about the details of the conversations that took place between March of Independence and the association of representatives of the authorities, and which would lead to a joint march on November 11. President of the association said that the authorities in the meetings of the Senate, Speaker of the Senate participated Stanislaw Karczewski, head of the Ministry of Interior Joachim Brudzinski and Undersecretary of State in the Chancellery of the Polish President Wojciech Cycling. He admitted that such meetings were seven, but did not produce an agreement. He said that the problem was that the association did not want to march was the nature of the state, and the march – as he said – is a bottom-up. Asked if he refuses to acknowledge that President Andrzej Duda “wrote” March of Independence, at least for this year through a common march, which organizes the government, he replied, “there is no such right to the president Duda wrote a march, or the government side because that such a law does not exist. ” He said that under the law are now two congregations on Sunday announced a march. Bąkiewicz admitted that currently organizers of the March of Independence are in a difficult situation due to the fact that they have on Sunday held two marches. He added that he hopes for the talks. Asked if there was a conversation with the Speaker Karczewski ws. Resolve the situation, he replied: “at this moment was not with the Speaker Karczewski any meetings.” Inquired if he would like to talk with the Speaker Karczewski and with the head of the MIA ws. March, he replied: “no problem, I met with them and talked about how to resolve this difficult situation.” “There’s not a lot of time. You have to remember that Mr. President, Office of the President and the Prime Minister have said three days ago that the march is not involved,” – he said. Asked if he is able to upilnować to the March of Independence was not racist slogans, replied, “if the president is unable to upilnować to march on the presidential been pickpockets?”. He added that the organizers do not want racist slogans on the march. In published on Thursday by the association “March of Independence” statement its members assessed that the president Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, abused their power and announced the submission in connection with the notice of the possibility of committing a crime. “March of Independence is a lawful assembly. We can not move away from its social and grass-roots formula” – posted. They added that invite all the March of Independence, which will begin at 14. Dmowski Roundabout in Warsaw. The decision of the court spokesman also commented Bartosz Milczarczyk hall, who told PAP on Thursday that the city has the right to bring a complaint, but it must first read the detailed justification. “Always we accept court decisions, and of course, the analysis of the justification will be able to decide whether to appeal” – stressed Milczarczyk. They published a notice relating to which of MEPs elected in Poland 2019-2024 term will not leave until the mandate of the EU by Britain – it will Tarczyński Dominik (PiS) .See also Biedroń: Spring has decided to start an independent in parliamentary elections »Money Farage under the magnifying glass. The politician is suspected of contacts with the Kremlin »National Electoral Commission stated that Members of the European Parliament are: With the letter No. 2, which registered the Electoral Committee” Spring “by Robert Biedroń Robert Biedron, Sylvia Spurek and Luke Kohut. With No. 3 letter registered by the Coalition Electoral Committee of the European Coalition PO SLD PSL .N The Greens: Janusz Lewandowski, Magdalena Adamowicz, Radoslaw Sikorski, Tomasz Frankowski, Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz, Danuta Huebner, Andrzej Halicki, Jaroslaw Kalinowski, Marek Belka, Ewa Kopacz, Leszek Miller, Krzysztof Hetman, Elżbieta Łukacijewska, Rose Thun, Adam Jarubas, Jerzy Buzek, Marek Balt, Jan Olbrycht, Janina Ochojska-Okońska Jaroslaw Duda, Boguslaw Liberadzki and the Democratic Left Alliance deputy. With the letter No. 4, registered by the Committee of Electoral Justice: Anna Fotyga, Kosma Złotowski, Law and Justice deputy, Karol Karski, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, Ryszard Czarnecki, Adam Bielan, Zbigniew Kuźmiuk, Witold Waszczykowski, Joanna Kopcińska, Zdzislaw Krasnodębski, Angelica Możdżanowska, Elizabeth Kruk, Beata Mazurek, Tomasz Poreba, Bogdan Rzońca, Law and Justice deputy, Patrick What Ryszard Legutko, Dominik Tarczyński, Jadwiga Wisniewska, Grzegorz Tobiszowski, Izabela Kloc, Anna Zalewska, Beata Kempa Joachim Brudzinski and Elizabeth Rafalska. Among selected for the EP include members of the current government and parliament. According to the Code in connection with the electoral choice during the parliamentary term on the MEP, the mandates of deputies and senators in the national parliament expire. MEP mandate can not be combined with not only with the mandate of deputy or senator, but, among others, function of minister or secretary also stanu.zobacz: This result was mainly elite. For their arrogance and pride “Five ministers and government spokeswoman go to Brussels. We know when we will know the names of the new “NEC transmits to the President, Marshal of the Sejm and the Supreme Court report on the elections and handed to Members of the European Parliament on the selection of the certificate no later than 14 days after publication of the announcement. Marshal of the Sejm immediately after publication of the announcement sends a notice to the Chairman of the European Parliament on the selection of members to the European and other required documents by the European Parliament. Premier Mateusz Morawiecki asked on Monday about the date of the reconstruction of the government, therefore, that some ministers have won seats in the EP, said that “a provision that within 2 weeks after the announcement of the results (elections) new MEPs must get rid of their previous functions , so it outlines a time perspective. ” Peskov called the restrictions “retaliatory measures limiting” and the operation similar to the steps taken by the authorities in Kiev. “Russia is not the initiator of exchanging restrictions, it is a positive action, the answer to the steps that have been taken by the Ukrainian side,” – said the representative of the Kremlin. He relied on previously introduced by the authorities in Kiev restrictions on Russian citizens and legal entities. Spokesman for President Vladimir Putin expressed his hope for the emergence of Ukraine “political normalization of political relations with Russia.” He then added that Moscow does not see today such a will.

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